Search engine optimization is a no brainer because it gives you a competitive advantage. You will never lag behind your competitors if you implement proper SEO.

When you just started a business are you willing to invest in SEO services? You have many options; you can learn SEO or hire experts. Let us explore the different options in this article.

Learning SEO and Implementing It in Your New Business

Having a business pushes you to self-education and learn. Be mindful of your business. If you want to learn search engine optimization, you have to take matters on your own. The best resource to learn SEO is from Moz. It’s a free resource entitled “The Beginners Guide to SEO.” Start from there by reading it over and over. This is the best way to start and learn about SEO.

Beginner tips include: optimizing your title tags; optimize your website and write relevant content. There’s more, but you have to learn as you practice or practice as you learn.

By giving few hours a day, you can become a real SEO expert, and when you are ready to hire somebody, you already have the knowledge. You can gauge which is the best company to hire.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Expert SEO Services

What services do you want to get from an expert search engine optimization company? You have to find a company who is competent. Find out if they have the experience and ask for references. Ask if the company can give SEO services from start to finish.

Here are the services:

SEO Strategy

You provide them with the goals and the budget; then they will develop a strategy for your business.

Implementation Guidelines

Whatever plan they made will be implemented. They will guide your team all the way.

Software Recommendations

The SEO industry is bombarded with software to improved your rankings. They will recommend the best tools for your SEO according to your budget. SEO audits will be conducted and pinpoint which areas require improvement.

Keyword Research and Analysis

They will do this boring task of searching keywords.

Competitive Analysis

Are you being outranked by your competitor? The exports will do analysis where you did wrong.

Link Building Audit

They will review and verify your old links and create a strategy for quality link acquisition.

Redesign Guidance

Are you scared to twist your design because you are competitively in the ranking? They will create a strategy for redesigning.

Affordable SEO Services

Getting affordable SEO services is dangerous because typically good SEO is not cheap. Why isn’t it a good idea?

You Can’t Do SEO Without or Less Money

The only tasks which doesn’t require much capital are keyword research and page level optimization. With these alone, you won’t go a long way. These are things which impact growth. The biggest factors which boost your rank is content and backlink. Both activities are capital intensive. These are assets for your business.

Not a Good Investment

If you choose this path, you will lose in the long run. It will take time for you to realize that cheap SEO makes you lag and putting your company to be penalized. When penalized you have to hire another company to help you remove the penalty. Now you lost time and money.


Think about what benefits you will get from hiring expert SEO services over the affordable ones. Don’t risk your business. Do your research.