Do you have some trouble managing bookings of your clients?

You may be a salon or spa owner who provides advance bookings to your clients via phone calls, or you may be a freelance photographer or makeup artist who receive lots of calls from clients who book on the same date and time for your service. And it is not easy declining clients about their preferred schedules and explain why you are no longer available on the schedules they choose.

Surely, managing bookings in advance for your clients can be difficult to handle. That is why scheduling software is being developed nowadays to help people, especially business owners and freelancers manage their time with their incoming customers. There are different scheduling software, and some are made for specific tasks. A Spa Booking App that is specifically made for spa owners, and there are also apps made for photography scheduling, among others.

Traditional Booking Vs Online Scheduling Software

Though manual appointment bookings through phone calls have been used for years and have been effective during the time, people will always want a more convenient way to do anything, including appointment bookings. Traditional phone calls for booking appointments especially on service establishments such as a salon or spa seem to be too “time-consuming” nowadays. The time that you will spend to look out for other aspects of your business like your product storage, quality of service, employee’s performance and others are spent on trying to schedule your client. And instead of booking in advance, they just rush to the spa only to see that the spa is fully booked.

In the case of freelancers who need to be called to schedule bookings on them, it can be quite hard for their part to tell their customer, “I’m sorry, Ma’am/Sir, but I am already booked for next Tuesday”, especially when the client asks for a follow-up question like “How about the day after that?” and the freelancer’s answer is still a no.

And since almost all businesses and even freelancers already have their own websites, scheduling software have been developed to embed it to any websites, especially those sites of a business firm which provides services to people or freelancers offering services.

Instead of that the clients would call on these service providing firms or freelancers, and personally talk to them for a booking, they can simply go to the website, click the “Book Appointment” button on the site, see the booked and the available booking schedules, and book on their preferred available schedules. This is essential to photographers, to ensure that no client can be missed out. Also, it allows maximizing the number of clients possible that can be served. A photography scheduling software is a specific tool that every photographer should use.

With the use of appointment scheduling software, there is no need for a business or a freelancer to explain their schedules, and why they have to decline their customers. It also cuts the time of having to answer a number of phone calls from time to time. Aside from that, a business or a freelancer doesn’t need to deal with clients who “beg” to be scheduled on an already booked date and time.


With the advancement of technology and the use of a reliable internet, everything can be made more convenient. And if you are a service-providing business owner or freelancer, take advantage of the new and easy ways to handle your business, and making it convenient to your customers, too. Invest for an online scheduling software and increase your income while handling your customer schedules more efficiently.