Have you already found ways on keeping your pool clean?

Maintenance can be quite burdensome, and sometimes, when the gets too dirty, it stresses you so much that you just want to dump a concrete cement onto it to stop having to maintain such thing.

But if you learn these simple ways of pool maintenance, you will realize that after all, you can keep it ready to be bathed at anytime.

For an additional tip, you can buy pool covers to protect it from dirt and debris. And in terms of cleaning, here are some pool maintenance guide to help you in maintaining it crystal clear and clean.

Pool Maintenance Tips to Keep It Clean and Healthy

1. Skim the Leaves and Debris

This is the most basic cleaning and maintenance task that you can do. Always get those leaves and other debris that are floating. If you have some extra buck, you can also grab a robot vacuum to help you clean the bottom.

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2. Scrub the Sidings Often

Algae and other water contaminants usually accumulate on the sidings, especially on the water lines. When left uncleaned, the water can wash them off, mixing to it, and making it cloudy. Scrub your sidings once a week to get rid of this. It also prevents the accumulation of calcium on the water lines which, when left uncleaned, can give a stain on your tiles.

3. Filter Is the Pool’s Kidney

If your filter is left uncleaned, the dirt and dust that it has “filtered” will stay on it, and bacteria starts building up on your filter. Instead of straining the pool, it can even become a factor in making it cloudy. Make it a habit to clean your filters to remove all the dirt and bacteria that are accumulated in it, so it can always effectively do its job.

4. Baking Soda Can Be Your Partner

You always have to keep the right pH level balance to lessen the building up of bacteria and other harmful chemicals onto it. The chemicals used to maintain the alkalinity of your pool can be quite costly. But fortunately, the baking soda can do the trick, at a significantly lower cost. Put baking soda and keep it alkalinized all the time.

 5. Absorb Oils with a Tennis Balls

No, tennis balls in a pool aren’t used for playing. But it is used to keep an oil-free pool. After swimming, the sun block, suntan lotion, and natural oils in the body are washed off which adds dirt in it. The fibers of the tennis ball can absorb the oils in the pool to keep your it from unpleasant sheen.

6. Get a Cleaning Service Every Year

Even if you think that it is clean, it is better to get a cleaning service at least once a year to help remove all the chemicals and bacteria in the pool. Cleaning services use advanced cleaning agents and equipment to secure a clean pool, so get a service once a year.


Follow these tip on maintaining a pool and have it always ready for bathing.