“Taxi! TAXI!” How many times have we heard this in our lifetime? Too many to mention, I know. This is especially true if you live in a big city (i.e. Austin, Texas), or a place where there are lots of tourist spots (i.e. Austin, Texas), or maybe a place where it’s just plain hard to get a ride because of the insane number the people who just happen be at the same place and at the same time as you (i.e. you know what I mean). But renting a limo is a little extreme, right? I mean there are cheaper and more affordable rental cars available. True, you’re not wrong. But here’s a few situations where renting a limo might not be a very bad idea.

need a luxury car or a limo

Airports Please

The pinnacle of human civilization is, no doubt, the ability to travel thousands of miles in a few hours. And I don’t mean harnessing the power of superheroes, I meant airplanes. If there were no planes or air travel, imagine how we could get to other countries? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love being on boats and yachts, but to travel a month on the sea with the same faces everyday, I mean, thanks but no thanks.


Airports are also the pinnacle of human busy-ness. And by this I mean that there is no airport in the world, and I’ve been to a few, where the people are just so relaxed that they actually missed their flight because they still wanted to hang out in the area. Everyone wants to leave the airport as soon as they arrive. And the best way for this to happen is if someone is already booked to pick you up and take you to your destination, safely but quickly.


Church Movement

Aha! This is one where you would never even think of even considering renting a limo or any luxury vehicle, for that matter. What would the congregation think? What would God think? You want to know what I think that God thinks? If your church choir is going to a certain competition and you need all the extra cramming practice that you can get, wouldn’t God be more pleased if you spent a little more time rehearsing than trying to save a couple of bucks?


Or how about moving 50 people from one area to another? Imagine 50 cars going to the same location, think of the logistical nightmare of coordinating where to park, where everyone is, and who is that guy holding an ice cream on the tour with us? This doesn’t even include the gas every car would have to spend.


Limos Like That

Ok, granted that the church doesn’t need a luxury car or a limo or a Hollywood actor-custom designed RV. But, I think you would admit that transporting a large crowd of people would be easier with one vehicle, correct? So how about renting something bigger, like a bus. And not just any bus, a comfortable bus (with well-maintained seats and with the good smell to go along with that) that’s actually fit to transport everyone from babies to parents to grandparents.

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Try It Now

And right you are, I have something in mind. Try R&R Limousine and Bus, the best transport service in Austin. You can also check out their website at rrlimobus.com. They offer luxury fleets that is best suited for your every specific need. And luxury doesn’t mean extravagance, it simply means you get what you deserve. So maybe Limo Rentals Austin isn’t such a bad idea after all.

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