Every business owners know the importance of having a website. Websites are crucial for marketing and driving sales. However, not all professionals are aware that they need this too. Some professionals don’t treat themselves as business owners. What professionals like dentists don’t know the value of an optimized web design for dentists.

This article tackles about the what are the factors that make a dentist website functional.

What a Web Designer for Dentists Shouldn’t Take for Granted?

About Page

A web design for dentists should make a difference. It is one of the most visited pages of a dentist’s website. Choosing a dentist is quite tasking especially if you just moved to the locality. How does a patient tell whether they’ll be choosing the perfect dentist?

The about page should have the following elements: photo of the dentist; philosophy and approach to dentistry; your staff photos; divulge a little like his or her education, experience, certifications, and awards.

Payment Methods

This should be featured on a web design for dentists. A prospective patient doesn’t have to call and ask whether their health insurance is honored at their clinic or whether Medicaid is accepted. Your front desk staff can focus on other things rather than responding to queries about payment. Other payment plans should be indicated like sliding scale payments for those patients categorized as low income.

New Patient Special

This dedicated page is for new patients. You can make an offer which new patients can’t refuse. You can create this page as a landing page optimized for Google.

Location and Timing

Your location and clinic hours should be indicated. Both your current and new patients will be happy you have this on your website. People nowadays bypass telephone calls. They prefer searching information from the websites only.

Appointment Page

If you accept an online appointment, this is favorable for your practice and patients. Front desk staff have less on their hands and can work on other tasks. Your patients can make appointments at their convenience.

Testimonials Page

Good reviews and testimonials mean more patients are coming to your clinic. In the testimonials page, you can post a collection of reviews and testimonials from your patients. This is a great come on for new patients.

Services Page

Your services should be spelled out here. Dentists have many services, but some don’t specialize in particular service like dental implantation.

Web Design for Dentists Must Have the Following Key Elements:

Responsive Design

It must be mobile friendly. This is imperative because the majority of people use their mobile devices to search for products and services online. If you don’t have to zoom in and out when navigating to your page, then your site is responsive.

Quick Page Loading

The attention span of people nowadays is limited. For this reason, you must seek help with the design of your site. The faster loading speed, the more people will visit your site.

Website Design

Optimized Images and Videos

When your pictures and videos are optimized, it means quick loading. Be sure also that your page or content are well-optimized.

Website Design Should Be Simple

There must be not much fancy and frills on your site. Overdecorating your site makes it crawl and it loses its functionality.

Keep it Simple

Background, text, colors and fonts must be simple. This makes your contents easily readable.


Dentists must ask help for professional web designers to make their site simple and functional to increase patients visit. Seek someone who can help with design of your web now.